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Bounced Customers

Before we go any farther, let's define "bounced customers." Bounced Customers are users who do not interact with your site at all, and the marketing value that expresses this is termed "Bounce Rate."

I'm sure most of you are aware that the majority of visitors to your site bounce, and by most, I'm referring about a figure of 40-75 percent. If your bounce rate is less than 25%, you should count yourself lucky; I've seen a few sites with bounce rates as low as 25%. If your bounce rate is greater than 75%, you should start thinking about making changes right away.

Bounce rate 60%
Stay on the site 40%

Until 2012, the difficulty with Bounced clients was that we had no idea who they were, and once they left the site, they were usually lost. Google introduced the Remarketing Campaign, which is a feature of their Display Search, as a way to avoid losing a customer completely. At this point, Google allows you to construct a specific banner or ad campaign to retarget rejected customers.

Is this working? I can assure you that it is! I'm sure you've been in a situation where you wanted to buy something online but couldn't make a decision right away, or when the phone rang and you couldn't complete the transaction. Even if you weren't a typical Bounced Customer, the shop nonetheless lost you. The next day, you couldn't recall which site you had searched, but something had arrived, and you needed to postpone the purchase due to budgetary constraints. This is a circumstance that I have encountered multiple times.

Google Dynamic Remarketing is great for you if you've seen a high bounce rate.

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How does Google Dynamic Remarketing work

It works in a similar way to Google Remarketing in that it brings your site back to the client's attention. The additional option provided by dynamic remarketing is to display the precise product that your consumer has viewed. It ensures that your potential consumer remembers your brand, offer, and product.

Google Dynamic remarketing - How does it work?

Lower cost per click

After running hundreds of search and remarketing campaigns, I can confidently state that in 99 percent of the situations, the average CPC measured over 90 days is far cheaper than for any other regular search campaign.

With Dynamic Remarketing, you can start acting now and reclaim all of your lost sales.

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