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Google Dynamic remarketing

Bounced Customers

Before we dig Deeper, We should discuss what Bounced Customers mean. All those users who won’t interact at all with your site are called Bounced Customer, and the marketing value which is expressing this is called “Bounce Rate”

I’m pretty sure that most of you are familiar with the fact that most of the users visiting your site are bouncing back, and by most I’m talking about a ration between 40-75%. If your, bounce rate is lower you can consider yourself lucky, as there are a few sites which I meet where the bounce rate was as low as 25 %, also if you’re Bounce rate is higher is than 75 % you should start thinking to change some things pretty soon, as you can easily go Bankrupt.

Bounce rate 60%
Stay on the site 40%

The problem till 2012 with Bounced customers was that we didn’t know a thing about them, and once they left the site they got usually lost. Google introduced the Remarketing Campaign which is part of their Display Search which is a solution in order to not to lose the customer totally. Google allows you at this stage to create a certain banner or ad campaign and retargets this bounced Customers.

Is this working, I can tell you it does! I’m sure that you’ve been in a position where you wanted to buy something online, but you couldn’t take a decision right then, or the phone was ringing, and you couldn’t finalize the purchase. Even this means that you weren’t a typical Bounced Customer still the shop lost you. The Next day you didn’t remember the site that checked, something came in and you needed to delay the purchase from a financial perspective. I certainly did run into this situation myself several times.

If you’ve noticed a high bounce rate Google Dynamic Remarketing is ideal for you.

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How does Google Dynamic Remarketing work

Just like Google Remarketing, it brings your site back to the client’s attention. The extra option that dynamic remarketing offers is show the specific product which has been viewed by your customer. It makes sure that your possible client doesn’t forget you Brand, offer and the product.

Google Dynamic remarketing - How does it work?

Lower cost per click

After conducting several hundreds of Search Campaign as well Remarketing Campaign, I can easily sustain that in 99% of the cases the Average CPC measured for 90 days are way lower than for any other standard search Campaign.

Start acting and regain all the lost sales with Dynamic Remarketing.

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