Forced Guest Checkout Module

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Forced guest checkout

Forced Guest Checkout Module

  • You’ve been bored to explain to your clients how to reset their password.
  • You want customers to be able to do make orders easy and fast
  • You have a checkout module which creates customer accounts for everyone
  • Your clients have had problems to access their personal accounts.
  • They forgot their password and did not know how to reset it or create a new one

What exactly does this module offer you?

As mentioned above, the module offers the possibility for customers to complete a guest order with their email addresses even if it is already associated with an account.

Why is this important for you?

You have certainly encountered cases when a user wants to complete an order and attempts to access their client account but fails because they no longer remember the password. Many users do not know how to reset the password or just do not want to go through the password recovery process, but standard PrestaShop does not allow you to place a guest order with the same email address that your account was created for. These are the cases in which you lose a potential client, just because they had difficulty in submitting an order.


Do not lose any more sales. There is no need for complex configurations, just install it and the module will begin to do its job. It will allow customers to make orders as guests even if their email addresses already have accounts associated. The Forced Guest Checkout module is ideal for you and it works with all checkout modules.