Google Page Speed Optimization

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Google Page Speed Optimization

If your page takes longer than 5 seconds to load, you may lose up to 90% of your visitors!

The behavior of online shoppers has been the subject of extensive investigation. Many of the findings highlight the importance of page speed to any online business. If the website takes longer than a second to load, the visitor will assume that nothing is happening in the background, and if there are no evidence of "life," they will lose patience and abandon the site.

  • After only 3 seconds, 57 percent of online users will abandon a site.
  • 80% of those who leave a website due to a delayed loading page will never return.
If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 57% of users will abandon it.
If a page takes longer than 5 seconds to load, 33% of users will leave.
Only 10% of people are ready to wait for a page to load for more than 5 seconds.

Choose a Presta Champs team to boost the speed of your website!

Boost the speed of your website

We'll boost your site's quality score in addition to speeding up the load time of your pages.

What do your customers expect?

The speed with which your site's pages load is critical, especially from the perspective of users. Users are impatient; consider your online store from the perspective of a visitor or potential customer seeking product information before making a purchase. We know from years of experience and a variety of projects that visitors no longer want to wait more than two or three seconds for a page to load. If your website is slow, you will almost certainly lose a lot of customers.

What does Googleexpect?

Since November 2018, Google has had considerably more sophisticated expectations from your shop than simply the website's loading speed. Factors such as utilizing the proper picture format (WebP), using images of various sizes, and implementing Progressive WebApps have all become equally critical. In addition to speed optimization, improving the quality of your website can help you rank higher in Google Search Results.

What does our Page Speed Optimization package include?

We will need access to your PrestaShop Backoffice as well as FTP access to your files after you purchase the service, and we will make every attempt to increase the speed of your website.

Speed up your page

Modules that cause your site to load slowly– We've worked with PrestaShop since the first editions and are quite familiar with all of the standard modules as well as a large number of the most popular and useful modules available on the Addons Marketplace. As a result of this experience, we'll be able to quickly identify which modules are generating resource drains and make adjustments to optimize them. You've probably noticed the apparently harmless "Related Products" feature.

What you may not understand is that the entire category gets processed and loaded in the background, even if only a few products are displayed in that block. This method uses a lot of resources and slows down the loading speed (especially if you have a big product catalog with hundreds of product sharing the same category).

We discovered a mechanism to minimize the number of requests, and we use it as part of every PrestaShop page speed optimization solution. This is just one example, but there are a number of additional modules that have the same problem (New Products, Best Sellers, Featured Products, and so on... you probably have them all active in your store but have never given much thought to how much they can affect page speed). The list is considerably longer when it comes to commercially available modules. But rest assured, if we don't already have a solution for your module, we'll find one and make sure it doesn't slow down your site.

Perform a site test to ensure that nothing is affecting the site's speed or quality.

Test your site

Warnings from Google Page Speed Insights

Defer offscreen images
Serve images next-gen formats
Reduce server response times (TTFB)
Properly size images
Effeciently encode images
Progressive Web App

Solutions for Improvement

The Lazy Load Module and the Adaptive Image Module will speed up the site by loading images in the visual field as they are entered.

Install the Google WebP Image generator module, which allows you to regenerate your website's photos in the new WebP format that Google has requested.

To get rid of this warning, use the HTTP2 Web Push module. The plugin will allow the site and server connection to remain open at all times.

You must appropriately implement the Adaptive Image and WebP modules to resolve this warning.

Images are optimized across all devices thanks to the adaptive images module. If the site is accessed via mobile or tablet, the module detects the device and adjusts the image size accordingly.

The module is a way to make web pages load faster. It helps users to access your site even if they have a slow internet connection or no internet connection at all.

This package includes the following modules:

We've built five modules that will considerably aid with the loading of your site's pages and give the necessary quality to attain a high ranking in Google search results.

Webp generator module
Progressive web
Adaptive images - Proper Size on each device
HTTP2 web push module

The Methodology We Use

Process page speed optimization

Perform a site test to ensure that nothing is affecting the site's speed or quality.

Boost the speed of your website.