Google Page Speed Optimization

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Google Page Speed Optimization

You can lose up to 90% of users if your page takes longer than 5 seconds to load!

A lot of research has been dedicated to the behaviour of online shoppers. Many of the finds reveal exactly how important page speed is to any online business. If it takes more than a second for the page to start loading, the visitor will get the impression that nothing is happening in the background and if there are no signs of “life” they will lose patience and leave.

  • 57% of online consumers will abandon a site after waiting just 3 seconds.
  • 80% of those who abandon because of a slow loading page will never return.
57% of users will bounce if page load takes longer than 3 seconds.
33% of users will bounce if page load takes longer than 5 seconds
Only 10% of users are willing to wait more than 5 seconds for page load

Choose a team of Presta Champs to give your website a Speed Boost!

Boost your site's speed

Besides accelerating your pages' load time, we'll also improve your site's quality score

What your users expect?

The fast loading of your site pages is very important but more from the point of view of users. Users have no patience, just view your online store from a visitor’s and potential client’s perspective looking to get information about and finally purchasing products. From years of experience with several projects under our belt, we can tell you that people no longer want to wait for more than two or three seconds to load a page. If you have a slower website it is guaranteed that you will lose a lot of clients.

What Google expects?

Since November 2018 Google does not just focus on the loading time of a website, has much more complex expectations from you like just the loading speed of the website. Equally important have become the factors as using the correct image format (WebP), using images in different sizes, implementation of Progressive WebAPP. Besides speed optimization, if we improve the site quality you can achieve a better place in Google Search Results.

What is included in our Page Speed Optimization package?

After purchasing the service, we require access to your PrestaShop Backoffice as well as FTP access to your files and we will make sure that no effort is spared when it comes to increasing the speed of your website.

Speed up your page

Modules which slow your site – Having worked in PrestaShop since the earliest versions, we are very familiar with all the standard modules and a large portion of the most popular and useful modules available on the Addons Marketplace. This experience allows us to quickly identify the modules which cause a drain on resources and we’ll be able to quickly apply modifications to optimize them. We’re sure you’re familiar with the apparently harmless “Related Products” module. What you may not know is that even if only a few products are shown in that block, in the background, the entire category is parsed and loaded. This process is very resource intensive and has a visible effect on load speed (especially if you have a big product catalog with hundreds of product sharing the same category). We found a way to limit the number of requests and applying it is standard procedure with every PrestaShop page speed optimization service. This is just an example but there are several other modules which suffer from this same issue (New Products, Best Sellers, Featured Products, etc… you probably have them all active in your store but never paid much attention to how much they can influence page speed). And when it comes to commercially available modules, the list grows even larger. But rest assured, if we don’t already have a solution for your module, we will find one and we will make sure that they will not affect your site’s speed negatively.

Run a site test and make sure nothing does affect the speed and quality of the site.

Test your site

Google Page Speed Insight Warnings

Defer offscreen images
Serve images next-gen formats
Reduce server response times (TTFB)
Properly size images
Effeciently encode images
Progressive Web App

Improvement Solutions

Implementing the Lazy Load Module and the Adaptive Image module will accelerate the site by loading images as entered in the visual field.

Install the Google WebP Image generator module, through which you can regenerate your images on the website in the new WebP format requested by Google.

HTTP2 Web Push module is ideal to get rid of this warning. The module will allow the connection between the site and the server to be continuously open.

To correct this warning you need to implement the Adaptive Image and the WebP module correctly.

Adaptive images module ensure that images are optimized across all devices. If the site is visited through mobile and tablet, the module recognizes the device and display the image in proper size.

The module is a solution for loading web pages faster. It allows your site to be accessible even if a user has a slow internet connection or even when there is no internet connection.

Modules that are included in this package

We have created 5 modules which will significantly contribute to loading your site pages and will provide the required quality to achieve a good place in Google results.

Webp generator module
Progressive web
Adaptive images - Proper Size on each device
HTTP2 web push module

Our Working Process

Process page speed optimization

Run a site test and make sure nothing does affect the speed and quality of the site.

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