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Product import

The 3 steps rule

Send us the Supplier feed as well as a link to your store.

Request feeds from your provider or suppliers and send us the details, as well as access to your online store. On our test server, we'll create a development replica of your store and work from there.

Allow us to work; Our magic will astound you.

We'll implement and test the feed(s) on the dev copy of your site while you focus on your business as usual, without compromising the performance or functionality of your live store in any way.

As the number of products in your store grows tremendously, keep an eye on it.

We'll put the feed on your live site and start importing data from your source after everything is ready and extensively tested to assure correct performance.

Choose the best team for the job!

We can take over this aspect and significantly increase the number of products in your catalog thanks to our wealth of experience gained over the years from hundreds of feeds implemented. More products offer more options for your customers, who will be less likely to go to other sites to look for something specific. More products imply more keywords and more visits to your website, which translates to more sales in the end.

A large catalog would also help to improve your company's profile. Putting the complete number and range of products from your suppliers into the store, regardless of how much physical floor space your office or warehouse has, will reinforce your position as a large, dependable company.

Another benefit of connecting product feeds to your business is that we may configure automatic updates for new products, availability, stock, prices, and other information. We understand how valuable your time is, and we believe it would be better spent advertising your business or even relaxing and taking a day off now and then rather than manually updating your product catalog.

Us your business grows, it is very likely that you'll be able to negotiate better deals with your suppliers and increase the number of products you offer in your online store.
We handle all type of product imports with features, combinations.

How much does it cost?

The cost of installing a feed is determined by a number of factors. Because there is no standard structure for suppliers and wholesalers to follow when sending product information via a feed, each instance requires a unique solution. While some suppliers will just provide the most basic information, many others will provide multiple feeds with product combinations and even customization details. We are confident in our capacity to implement any feed, regardless of complexity, regardless of the problem.

We'll need a link or a sample of the feed you wish to import, as well as information on your shop's product and category structure, to deliver an accurate price.

Are you a Supplier or Wholesaler? We can create a product feed for you!

After putting your products in stores all around the world, a product stream can dramatically improve their visibility. The idea of manually entering product data, as we discussed above in the section dedicated to store owners, can be discouraging. Regardless of how much they love your products or how well they get along with you and your employees, this may lead to the business owner looking for an easier answer elsewhere.

We'll assist you in overcoming this barrier by developing a product feed that gives online retailers instant access to your entire catalog and product information. All you have to do is maintain the information current, and it will be updated automatically on your partners' end.

Save time and focus on what matters most to you while our tools do the heavy lifting!

Choose the best team for the job!