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Facebook retargeting

What it is, how it works, and what you will lose if you don't utilize it.

Facebook retargeting is crucial for one reason: it's really effective.

Facebook campaigns have a major impact on a company's revenue.

Many of them make purchases online as a result of advertisements.

The majority of internet users also have a Facebook account.


You have a website where you sell shoes, for example. A consumer sees an advertisement for one of your shoes and likes it so much that they click on it and go to your website. However, they may have to leave before completing a transaction because they need to return to work or something comes up. When they arrive home in the evening, they have no recollection of which websites they viewed or whose shoes they were interested in, but, like many others, they will most likely head to Facebook to check the news and keep up with their friends. And it's here here that the magic happens! They'll see adverts on Facebook for the exact shoes they liked earlier in the day. This is quite likely to prompt them to return to the site and complete the transaction. Imagine this happening 10 or 20 times per day. It's self-evident that this will result in a huge boost in sales.

Don’t wait on this one, Facebook campaigns can bring an extremely high audience

Begin your first Facebook marketing campaign.

Do you want to know how we'll set up your Facebook retargeting campaign?Are you curious about what we will do to set up your Facebook retargeting campaign?

You'll be able to access your business account once we've created it, where you'll discover the Ads Manager interface, which allows you to manage all aspects of your advertising campaign.

Ads Manager - This is a tool that allows you to create, edit, and track your Facebook Ads campaigns. Ads Manager has a number of tools to assist you in editing all of the parts of your Facebook Ads campaign.

Creating audiences — Facebook allows you to create custom audiences that are similar to those who visit your website.

Audience Insights - If you know who your target market is, you'll have a higher chance of using Facebook Ads to reach them. Audience Insights provides you with the precise targeted information you require. It provides you with all of the information you need about the audience you wish to reach.

Business account

You'll need a Facebook business account to get started with Facebook advertising. If you don't already have one, we'll make one for you.

Abandoned carts 0 - 30 days

We'll set up your campaign so that visitors get a 30-day reminder for abandoned carts.

Facebook Feed

This feed ensures that your products appear on Facebook and that your customers may see them.

Facebook pixel

To keep track of the campaign's progress, we'll include a Facebook pixel.

Product catalog

We'll put together a product catalog with the items you wish to promote on Facebook (you can choose which ones will appear).

Abandoned carts 30 - 90 days

The campaign will feature a preset to deliver an abandoned cart reminder every 30-90 days.

Campaign setup

We'll build up your campaign so that potential customers can see your stuff right away.

Facebook retargeting

We'll set up Facebook retargeting for you to boost your sales.

Facebook Pixel Tracking Module

It is not included in the cost of the package. Addons Prestashop is where you may get our module.

Instead of using the regular Facebook pixel, we included all 9 custom events into our Facebook pixel tracking module, allowing you to better track the expenses and income generated by social media.

We will, of course, work with another module of this type if you already have one. This pixel, if installed, will improve your chances of success with Facebook ads. You won't be able to track your conversions on Facebook without this pixel. When used correctly, this pixel generates outstanding results and can be used to optimize promotional efforts in order to increase conversions.

Creating remarketing lists — Facebook Pixel allows you to reconnect with users who have previously visited your site.

This pixel, if installed, will improve your chances of success with Facebook ads.

Begin your first Facebook marketing campaign.

When we create a campaign, you must first decide what you want to get out of it: brand awareness, clicks, website conversions, and product sales are all important metrics to track.

Website Conversions

One of the most essential and successful goals that Facebook offers to individuals who wish to advertise is website conversions. A Facebook Pixel is required for this. Conversions are used to enhance sales. When you want visitors to your site to take a certain action, choose this option.

Post engagement

Facebook will show your post engagement advertisements to people who are more likely to like, share, or interact with your post. When you want to promote a specific content, post engagement is a great solution. However, if you want to attract visitors to your site, clicks or conversions are significantly superior possibilities.

Brand awareness

This is the option that allows Facebook to show your ad to a larger number of people while still keeping your budget in check. When you want to raise brand awareness and improve your company's reputation, you should use brand awareness.


Facebook allows you to display things that people may interact with by clicking on them. They will be directed to the site's product page. It's ideal if you wish to boost your online store's sales.

Lead generation

Increases the number of potential clients directly from Facebook. Lead Ads are available on both mobile and desktop and seem identical like conversions/click ads, but they let you to ask customers for their name, email, or phone number. You can personalize your contact form to meet your specific requirements.

Website clicks

Your marketing campaign will be optimized with website clicks to show your ad to more individuals who are more likely to click on it and access the site. We propose using it if you want to increase the number of visitors to your website. You boost your chances of converting visitors into customers by increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Event responses

You may use Facebook to promote your event and increase the number of people who attend. The Facebook page is used to plan events. When you want to attract more people to your event, you can employ event responses.

Offer claims

Facebook allows you to create distinctive posts via which people can learn about your offers. You can use this option to promote and optimize your offers in order to improve the number of individuals who get them.

Dynamic product ad template

The most significant benefit of using Facebook to promote your business or items is that it allows you to target very particular and well-targeted customers. Facebook has a lot of information about its users. We may choose who sees your ad when we set it up. In addition, we'll implement retargeting in your campaign. As previously said, this will dramatically enhance your sales.

If you want to see more conversions from your Facebook advertisements, retargeting to the proper demographic is a must. Retargeting ensures that customers who have previously visited your website recall your brand and items. People rarely make a purchase the first time they visit a website or see an advertisement. They would rather take the time to shop around and compare prices with competitors before making such an important purchase.

Lookalike Audience

Facebook is the ideal place for your business

Begin your first Facebook marketing campaign.