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Facebook retargeting

How it works and what you'll miss out on if you don't use it.

Facebook retargeting is important for one main reason: it’s super efficient.

Facebook campaigns significantly contribute to the sales of a business.

Many of them buy online because they are influenced by advertisements.

Most people who use the internet also have a Facebook account.


For example, you have a site where you sell shoes. A user sees an ad about one of your shoes and they like it so much that they click and access the site. But before they finish a purchase they may have to leave because they need to go back to work or something comes up. In the evening when they get home, they no longer remember which sites they visited or what shoes they were interested in but like many people, they will probably go to Facebook to check the news and their friends. And this is where the magic happens! On Facebook, they will see ads for exactly the shoes they liked so much earlier in the day. It is very likely that this will make them return to the site and finish the purchase. Now imagine that this can happen 10 or 20 times a day. It’s obvious that this will increase sales significantly.

Don’t wait on this one, Facebook campaigns can bring an extremely high audience

Start your first Facebook campaigne

Are you curious about what we will do to set up your Facebook retargeting campaign?

Once we have created your business account, you will be able to access it and you will find the Ads Manager interface to control all the details of your promotional campaign.

Ads Manager – It’s a tool that gives you the opportunity to create, edit and monitor your Facebook Ads campaigns. Ads Manager contains various items to help you edit all the elements in your Facebook Ads campaign.

Creating audiences – Facebook gives you the opportunity to create custom audiences similar to those that come to your site.

Audience Insights – If you know what your target market is, then you have better chances of success through Facebook Ads. Audience Insights give you exactly the targeting data you need. It gives you all the details about the audience you want to target.

Business account

To get started with advertising through Facebook, you need to have a Facebook business account. If you don’t have one, we will create it for you.

Abandoned carts 0 - 30 days

We will set your campaign so that visitors receive a reminder for abandoned carts up to 30 days.

Facebook Feed

This feed ensures that your products show up on Facebook and clients are able to see them.

Facebook pixel

We will add a facebook pixel to keep track of what’s going on with the campaign.

Product catalog

We will create the product catalog with the products you want to display on Facebook (you can choose which ones will appear).

Abandoned carts 30 - 90 days

The campaign will have a setting to send a reminder between 30-90 days about abandoned carts.

Campaign setup

We’ll set up your campaign so your products get right in front of potential customers.

Facebook retargeting

We will set up the Facebook retargeting to increase your sales

Facebook Pixel Tracking Module

It is not included in the price. You can purchase our module from Addons Prestashop.

In our Facebook pixel tracking module instead of using the standard Facebook pixel, we integrated all 9 custom events, to allow you to track in a much better way the expenses and income generated by the Social Media.

Of course, if you already have another module of this kind, we will work with that one. Once added, this pixel will increase your chance of success in Facebook ads. Without this pixel, you will not be able to track your conversions on Facebook. When this pixel is used correctly it produces excellent results and it can optimize promotional campaigns to increase conversions.

Creating remarketing lists – using Facebook Pixel gives you the opportunity to re-connect with people who have accessed your site

Once added, this pixel will increase your chance of success in Facebook ads.

Start your first Facebook campaigne

When we set up a campaign, first of all, you have to choose what you expect from it: brand awareness, clicks, website conversions, product sales

Website Conversions

The website conversions are one of the most important and most effective goals that Facebook offers to those who want to advertise. This requires a Facebook Pixel. The goal of conversions is to increase sales. Use this option when you want the people who arrive on the site to perform a particular action.

Post engagement

With post engagement ads, Facebook will show your ads to people who are more likely to give a like, share or interact with your post. Post engagement is an excellent option when you want to promote a specific post. But keep in mind that if you want to attract people to the site, clicks or conversions are far better options.

Brand awareness

This is the option by which Facebook shows your ad to more people while optimizing your budget. It’s worth using brand awareness when you want to increase awareness and the reputation of your business.


Facebook gives you the opportunity to display products on which people can click. They will be taken to the product page on the site. It’s great if you want to increase the sales on your online store.

Lead generation

Increases the number of potential clients directly from Facebook. Lead Ads are available on mobile and desktop and look exactly like conversions/click ads, but they give you the opportunity to attract customers to leave their name, email or phone number. You can customize your contact form according to your needs.

Website clicks

With website clicks, your marketing campaign will be optimized to show your ad to more people who are likely to click on your ad and access the site. We recommend to use it when your goal is to attract more people to your site. With more visitors on your site, you increase your chance of turning them into customers.

Event responses

Facebook gives you the opportunity to promote your event and attract more guests to it. Events are developed through the Facebook page. You can use event responses when you want to attract more people to your event.

Offer claims

Facebook gives you the chance to develop unique posts through which people get your offers. With this option, you can promote your offers, and optimize them to increase the number of people who receive them.

Dynamic product ad template

The biggest advantage of promoting your business or products on Facebook is that it gives you the opportunity to target very specific and well-directed audiences. Facebook knows a lot about users. When we set up your ad, we can choose who will see it. Going further, we’ll set retargeting in your campaign as well. As mentioned before, this will increase your sales significantly.

Retargeting to the right audience is a must if you want to see more conversions from your Facebook ads. The goal of retargeting is to ensure that people who have already visited your website remember your brand and products. People rarely buy the first time they visit a site or see an offer. They would rather spend the time to compare prices with competitors and visit your site several times before completing this valuable purchase.

Lookalike Audience

Facebook is the ideal place for your business

Start your first Facebook campaigne