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GDPR module

Module overview

How this module helps you

Covering the GDPR requirements

This is the only module out there which is covering exactly what GDPR requires. As a shop owner, you need to find a way to give the Visitor an option to Opt-out from any Cookies which the site uses. We made sure that by a simple selection from the module list you can offer the options to the client.

Easy to customize based on your needs

The GDPR module allows you to add a detailed description about what personal data is needed and for what purposes it is used, ensuring that customers can make an informed decision when opting to activate certain modules on the site. The approval process is very short and easy.

Easy use for your clients

The module allows the client to opt-out from Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Ad words Tracking, Standard Prestashop Tracking! After deciding, users can always withdraw their consent at a later point.

Data protection

Shop owners or data protection officers can quickly be notified if anyone requests the erasure of their data and act on this request in the shortest time possible.

Assures compliance with the GDPR

Assures compliance with the GDPR legislation allowing the store to operate legally, avoiding fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the global annual turnover.

A modern pop-up

The pop-up presented to first-time visitors is fast, responsive and we made it as unintrusive as possible to make sure that possible clients are not turned away by it.

The GDPR module for PrestaShop is an All-In-One solution.

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This is the only module that gives you the tools to obtain full compliance with the GDPR law.

Approval process

This is very simple, the user does not have to lose too much time to give his or her consent, and they can spend more time with shopping on your site.

The module generates a Pop-Up that appears for each user, informing them that you provide the necessary data security. The module allows you to create a “form” where the customer can choose if they want their data to be saved or not.

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Once configured, it will help you avoid problems brought by the new law, including the fines.

You can add descriptions of the cookies which are necessary for the website to function correctly and, if needed, a warning that disabling them through the browser settings can make certain areas or functions of the site unusable.

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Happy clients

Your customers will be very pleased to find out that their personal data will be stored safely and it will not be misused or abused.

You need to write a brief summary about what information your site collects and for what purposes it is used. This is very important because through this you can show the seriousness of your company in terms of customer data security.

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Do not miss this unique module!

The module created by us provides you all the tools needed to respect to the new regulations, at the same time assuring your customers that you are serious about handling and protecting their personal data.

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