Customer journey

How to set up a good customer journey?

Bring your customer support to the next level and be ahead of your competitors. With our help, you can create great customer experiences.

What is a customer journey?

Two important components of a customer journey map

  • Establish your clients' goals.
  • Map the customers’ journey.

Illustrations, infographics, or diagrams are great tools for creating a map.

Do not underestimate the power of a good customer journey map; it will help you produce customer satisfaction.

This tool uses multi-platforms in order to retain and keep the customer's interest at a high level.

Customer journey map

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What are the advantages of creating a customer journey map for your company?

The aim of a customer journey map is to offer customers a better experience while they use your website. You need to make them feel important and acknowledged.

For companies, this type of map helps you see the customers' needs and wants and the impact your business has on them.

Journey maps also help businesses with:

  • Goals retargeting
  • Creating new customer groups
  • Creating a customer-oriented mindset

How to build a journey map with Mailchimp?

In order to create a good customer journey map, you need to set clear objectives. Why are you making this map and for which type of client?

Use Mailchimp to do market research. This service will help you learn more about your customers and your competitors.

Draw an outline of your customers using demographics and psychographics in order to understand who they are: collect data about their age, gender, location, occupation, and behaviors.

Mailchimp will help you build a personalized map that you will be able to easily implement in order to create a great customer experience.

With the help of automated emails, starting points, recovery of abandoned carts, and marketing services, you will be able to keep your audience engaged.

This is not all. You can automatically send personalized emails for each customer group and tag your audience interests.

Customer journey map

With the help of our Presta Shop team, we can integrate the Mailchimp e-mail marketing service in no time.

We will make sure that Mailchimp publishes the right content for your customers at the right time.

Using automations, you will be able to create a great customer experience and offer them what they really want from your web shop.