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MailChimp Integration

If you're not using this platform, what are you missing out on?

MailChimp offers numerous additional possibilities called 'Automations'
What users say about the MailChimp?

One of the biggest avoidable issues that businesses have is insufficient and inefficient communication with potential clients. Almost all PrestaShop stores have a Newsletter sign-up box but many store owners forget about it or don’t pay attention to it and miss out on all the opportunities it offers. Many clients that are signed up often won’t hear back from merchants even though they specifically signed up to be informed about news and offers. If this happens on your store as well, you are missing out!

Implementing a single module will help you grow your business quickly and easily. Once connected to your site, it will provide you with numerous options to build your business, such as automation, which allows you to attract a huge number of clients with little work, remembering your customers' birthdays, and following up with unrelenting offers. You can link to your Facebook page so that visitors can obtain real-time updates about your products.

The Standard Package

The Module

The module is installed and configured. You must have a Mailchimp account (if you don't already have one, we will establish one for you), and we will obtain configuration access details and set up the campaigns you've asked.


Using Mailchimp to sync your customers and product catalog. We will import your customers for you if you do not have them already (this process can take longer depending on the size of your catalog and if your products have many combinations).


Using the module, you may connect your PrestaShop website to Mailchimp (this allows connecting the site with one of your lists from Mailchimp and if you have a multi-shop, each store can have its separate list)

The "magic" can begin once the module has been installed, configured, and connected. The first advantage of using a connection module is that you won't have to manually import or update your subscriber list any longer. This is done automatically by the module when someone registers up for your newsletter. Your subscriber list will be updated in real time this manner. For small and medium enterprises, Mailchimp is the best email automation tool. We spread the word about this state of the art technology to all smaller businesses creating services which will help them grow. Millions of people and companies worldwide trust Mailchimp to publish the right content to the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

Mailchimp has the potential to boost your sales quickly and easily.

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New possibilities offered by Mailchimp

Apart from sending Newsletter emails, Mailchimp has a number of "Automation" options that you may set up from your account. Once you've completed these steps, you can sit back and watch Mailchimp communicate with your clients nearly entirely on its own.

Advanced Google Image Sitemap Generator PrestaShop Module

Order notifications and New Product Recommendations

Your consumers will receive email notifications about the acquired products if you set up a "Order Notification" campaign. The most intriguing aspect of this email is that we can include a section for product recommendations. I cannot overstate the significance of product recommendations in increasing order volume. Just remember that in a real store, a competent salesperson will always propose things to your customers, so why not do the same with Mailchimp's service? What could be more crucial than providing customers with feedback? For example, an email like this could begin with a sentiment of gratitude for purchasing the products, followed by the purchased products and, finally, the recommended products. Your store must be connected to the Mailchimp platform (you must wait 7-10 days for Mailchimp to generate the recommended e-mail goods after signing in) and meet specific purchase data requirements in order to generate suggestions. If your store doesn't have enough sales data or a subscriber hasn't made another purchase in a while, the recommended products will appear in the "Best sellers" area, which is the store's best-selling item.

Welcome E-mail

For people that sign up for the newsletter, it creates an automated campaign. Creating a "Welcome" email can attract consumers' attention, surprise them with a new offer from the first day, and transform them into a long-term customer.

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