Push Notification Module for PrestaShop

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Google Push Notification

Module overview

How this module helps you

Generating Sales

We created this PrestaShop module with sales in mind and you will be able to add links to the notifications, directing clients to your shop and your products. You can also send them reminders about their abandoned carts, increasing the chances that they will finalize their orders.

Promote products

Every day and every hour you can send notifications to your clients regarding your latest sales and offers. This way, your audience will find out in real time about them. Besides announcing sales and new arrivals, you can also keep them informed about the status of their orders.

Easy to use

The module is very user-friendly. You can create notifications in a matter of minutes and send them to a large number of clients. For a simple notification, you will need to create an engaging title, a short and relevant message and optionally you can add an image and an icon too.

Don’t miss out on this! Be among the first businesses getting Push Notifications for your PrestaShop store and grab your audience’s attention! Your competition, using “old school” methods, doesn’t stand a chance. You can even send multiple notifications per day. Moreso, our module allows customized messages. For example, if you want to send push notifications to a select few loyal clients, you can select exactly the people you want to contact.

Push Notifications for PrestaShop can be more efficient than email marketing

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How does it work?

When a visitor accesses your website and they accept your notifications, the magic happens! The notifications will be sent by the website instead of a mobile application. These are messages that can be clicked and which are accessible from all devices: desktop browsers, mobiles or tablets. These notifications work as well as they do because of their simplicity. The greatest advantage is presented by the fact that the subscriber does not need to be on a specific site to see the notification. They just need to be online, anywhere on the web. Even if they’re offline when the notification is sent, they will receive it as soon as they’re back online.


We recommend creating an engaging and attention-grabbing title that your customers will love.


A short message that is informative, attractive and most importantly, to the point.


Images are very easy to add, just choose a picture and enter its URL in the designated field.


We recommend using your company’s logo so that your clients can know instantly who sent the notification.