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Prestashop server move

Why choose us for the job!

No Downtime

While we copy the information to the new server, your shop will continue to operate on the previous infrastructure.

Keep all data

The database, product, customer, and order information will all be transferred in its entirety.

Excellent Performance

Once the move is complete, you and your customers will benefit from the new hosting's increased performance.

Tweaks and adjustments

We're prepared to make all of the necessary adjustments and enhancements to the shop in order to take advantage of the new servers.

We offer a 100% reliable process of moving your store
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We provide a 100 percent secure method of relocating your business.

We've established a very effective method for migrating PrestaShop stores to new and better servers, with over 200 server moves per year. Simply give us the green light and sit back while we take care of the rest.

Data backup

The first step after providing your business with access details is to create a backup of your complete PrestaShop site.

Transfer to new Host

The data is migrated to the new hosting provider in its entirety. This is considerably easier than copying the files, but don't worry, we'll handle everything for you.

Performance tweaks

We'll make all the adjustments and performance tweaks necessary to take advantage of the new infrastructure once the website is on the new server.

Project handover

We'll pass over the project once all of the previous processes have been completed and rigorous testing has been completed, and you'll be able to enjoy the increased performance!

Are you fed up with poor performance? Now is the time to switch to a new server!

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