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Closed store
  • Jul 12, 2017


In this blog post, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of securing back office even from your own employees.

Secure store

We worked with a customer in the past, the owner of a growing fashion business that has a huge warehouse with about 40 employees, and she contacted us with an unpleasant problem.

The problem came from the fact that the employees could access the company’s back-office from their mobile phones or at home. They not only accessed it but also changed the stock of some products and the next day they could go home with products that would not show up missing as the stock seemed OK. Besides this, they could change anything else they wanted, and this brought chaos to the company. The business started to fall apart because the site became very slow, sales couldn’t be completed and had many other issues that originated from changes made in the admin area of the online store. Moreover, the owner noticed that lots of products were missing but the stock did not show anything unusual. This was the point when we were asked to find a solution to this problem.

Within a few weeks, our experts have been able to create a module which was useful for she, it has been called Closing Hours for PrestaShop. With the help of our module, our client has managed to regain complete control over the business, allowing employees to access the administration panel only during working hours.

What can our module do for you?

It can save you a lot of time, nerves and money.

See the module

Prevent your employees from accessing the back office (PrestaShop Admin) outside of office hours. We have seen this become a problem several times, employees with back-office access will log in from home or another location either by mistake or from malice and will make changes that have led to lost sales or dozens of hours of repairs.

Coffre fort
  • This module can only provide access to your back office within certain hours, you will be able to choose the exact time when you allow to your employees to walk in the administration panel. We’ve taken up the new task of converting time to GMT, so the module lets you set your time zone and then add your local hours.
  • You can also close your Backoffice for the weekend, or you can reopen it in a certain time. Imagine that on weekends when you feel good or rest, some of your employees who get upset during the week can cause you damage. We suspect that you wouldn’t be very happy on Monday when you get back to work and find everything ruined.
  • You can set a distinct administrator URL, only known by you to access the store at any time. So you’ll be the only one in the company, who can make changes to the site outside the hours.
  • Once installed, the module can guarantee that only you have unlimited access, and the employees can not harm you intentionally or by mistake.

With this module once installed, you will be able to sleep peacefully or you can fully enjoy every weekend. You no longer have to worry about the employees that will create problems. You can become the only person who can determine when the back office can be accessed. Let’s not forget that a well-secured website can catch well anytime.

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