Captcha Module for PrestaShop

Captcha Module for PrestaShop
  • Feb 8, 2018

Hackers can take control of your site in just a few minutes

In this post I would like to attract your attention to the dangers that have occurred lately and that can affect your business in a negative way.

On this his week, several sites have been hacked and everyone has been panicked. We would like to inform you that we have the solution to avoid attacking these “digital thieves” by implementing the Captcha module on your site. Certainly everyone who made online shopping or created a Youtube or Gmail account had to use Captcha.

Captcha is a short test, very easy to pass by people, but very difficult for robotic programs. Its purpose is to protect sites from computer-generated automatic attacks.

How does the Captcha system work?

It’s very simple, users are asked to perform certain tests that a program can not do. Typically, these Captcha phrases are GIF images or voice recordings. Hacker programs can not understand these tests and therefore can not give a fair answer.

The verification test is generated by a server to ensure that the response is generated only by humans and not by a computer or bot. In the CAPTCHA module, the letters and numbers are arranged so that a software can not read, but it’s easy for people to pass the test.

Captcha Module for PrestaShop

This module was created to keep spammers and hackers away

It’s a type of system that can make a difference between a man and a robotic software program. They are used to secure checks to discourage hackers from spam by asking them to complete a simple test.

A CAPTCHA test consists of two simple parts: a sequence of letters or randomly generated numbers that appear as an image. In order to pass the test and prove the human identity, the characters that are displayed must be entered.

Even Google uses Captcha.

The module is also very popular within Google to prevent unauthorized entries into accounts. Google uses Captcha to strengthen security around the most sensitive access points to your account. It’s quite possible that you will meet Captcha when: You signed up for a new Google service (Gmail, Blogger, YouTube). You changed your password to an existing account. You have set up Google services for a device or application.

Several web services use this system to avoid unauthorized access, for example, providing access to sensitive information such as bank accounts, but you can meet this security solution at yahoo or Gmail as well.

If your client will have trouble viewing a Captcha image or reading text, he need to refresh the browser for a new image. The module is based on images, audio versions are available for visually impaired people. To access an audio version, just click on the link that appears next to the text box.

The module is very easy to use for your customers and provides security to hackers. Do not forget a site is much easier to protect than rebuilt.

Your site may be in danger! Do everything you can to avoid an unpleasant case.

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