Advance Google Tag Manager PrestaShop Module

We want to save you from wasting hundreds of hours so we created the most comprehensive and complex Google Tag Manager Prestashop Module out there.

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Prestashop Version:

1.7.x, 1.6.x

Core changes:


Multishop Compliant:


Google Tag Manager Pro

We made sure that you won't waste hundreds of Hours

We built up the most comprehensive and sophisticated Google Tag Manager Module for Prestashop out there.


Google Adwords + Remarketing

Using our simple module settings you have your Google Adwords conversion, also re-marketing tracking in 2 minutes.


Facebook + 9 Custom Events

Having a proper Facebook tracking is crucial this day. We don't just add the standard 1 pixel; we add all nine custom events as well.


Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

No more need for other modules - use Google Tag Manager to track your sales, purchases, abandoned carts as well.


Google Trusted Store Badge

Only add a few information's inside the administration panel, and you're ready to go.


Pinterest Tracking pixel

Pinterest is new on the advertising market, but it's catching up, so we added all three custom events tracking pixel from Pinterest as well.


Custom Tracking integration

We added Inspectlet as well the Hotjar pixel tracking implemented into the same module. If you never heard about it, it's not too late to start using some of the amazing tools existing out there.

Google Adwords Google Remarketing Facebook

3 EASY STEPS to implement Google Tag Manager

It all starts with the module installation. Create a Google Tag Manager Account, and add the account ID into your module.Import the settings which we created. No more hassle with understanding technical implementations. We already have done that for you.

Google Tag Manager Pro Module Basic Features

This is one of the most general Google Tag Manager created for Prestashop. WE have over 22 Tools already added inside a single Module, but we're constantly developing the module to make it better.


Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

You always wanted to track your sales using Google Analytics. We made that possible with our module. WE integrated all the sales funnels which Prestashop uses, in order to offer you a big advantage when it comes to ROI and sales.


Page Speed Optimization

You already use the Google Enhanced Ecommerce solution - it's time to make the step into the 21 century, and don't let that standard implementation add significant waiting times to your site. Speed matters. Did you know that a single second can make a difference between 17% of increase or decrease of Bailout? This module will increase your Page Speed as well.


Social Media Tracking

Did you know that in 2016 Facebook advertising exceeded Youtube. This is how fast Social Media is growing. Instead of using the standard Facebook pixel we integrated all 9 custom events, to allow you track in a much better way the expenses and income generated by the Social Media.


Simple 3 Step Integration

As stated above, there are 3 simple steps to be followed in order to put the module into work. Once this activated you'll start enjoying all the information's and statistics which Google Analytics will provide you. Don't let the competition outcome you by not understanding your own statistical data.


Fully functional and compatibly with Ps 1.6 all versions.

WE added over 22 TOOLS in this single MODULE. The best part is that you don't need any technical know-how in order to put this module to work. But don't forget we're there to help, and in case you want we can integrate the module for free on your site.


7 Major Marketing Types Added

The time of having a long list of pixels and tracking information's needed to be added to some specific pages. The countless hours spent managing the Programmer Team and Marketing Requests.

All this has been pretty removed by the Google Tag Manager. You have a single tool which holds in one place all the data's, and variables.


Absolute control over your Marketing Statistics


Just plug the module (install) and you're ready to start

Don't miss out this option and get ahead of your Competition!

Know exactly from where the money flows into your business.

This is the ultimate Tag Manager Module - Features added will only grow with this module.
Prestashop Version 1.7.x, 1.6.x
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Core changes No
Multishop Compliant Yes
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Amazing team

I bought the module last week and I'm very pleased. Everything I needed was implemented in it. After the module was configured I asked them to help me with some rectifications, everything went quickly and excellently. Thank you guys, you are super.


Great module!

While it's complex in functionality, it's very easy to set up and you also get support from a five star team.



Perfect module and perfect service!


five star product and service!

very impressed with the module and very surprised with the quick help from the support team.
looking forward to check out your other modules.


All-in-one solution

Great work from the team of PrestaChamps developers with this module, also great value for money. Buying each tool separately would have cost me 2 or 3 times the price of this module. The recommendation from the team that I should rather save that amount and spend it on advertising was greatly appreciated.


Excellent support

Truly the best and most complete tag manager module and the assistance from the team when it came to configuring it was excellent. Looking forward to more modules and more great work from the team!


Very pleased

Great module, the marketing team really loves it!

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Advance Google Tag Manager PrestaShop Module

Advance Google Tag Manager PrestaShop Module

We want to save you from wasting hundreds of hours so we created the most comprehensive and complex Google Tag Manager Prestashop Module out there.