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With over 15 years of SEO experience, we can rightfully claim that we are experts in the field. Adding together the team's experience as well as the hundreds of stores we have optimized over the years with a 100% success rate, the next obvious step was to create these SEO modules for PrestaShop which will simplify the optimization process, saving countless hours of work.

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SEO Tools
The SEO tools we offer have been created specifically for PrestaShop and crafted to adhere to Google's best practices recommendations. Our goal is to ensure the long-term success of your business based on sustainable growth. If you are looking for a "fast" solution, you came to the wrong place but if you are reading this information, we warn you that in the majority of cases, while there may be a short-term boost, shortly afterwards this boost will fade most likely to manual penalties from Google which can lead to your site disappearing entirely from search results.

Page Speed Optimization and Mobile
One of the determined factors used by Google to rank pages is load speed. Also, starting with 2017, Google will start ranking pages based on their mobile/responsive versions due to the increased number of searches made from mobile devices. For this reason, we have created the first AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) module for PrestaShop. This new approach in creating mobile pages offers speed and incomparably better performance for online stores: Instant loading for pages!

Image Search

Although often overlooked, image search is very important and if online store owners take advantage of this, they can increase the number of visitors to the site and convert them to shoppers. "Out of the box" or standard versions of PrestaShop only has the first product image indexed but we have a module which adds all product images. Given the increased share of image searches, you can have your entire content indexed which will lead to increased visitor numbers in your online store.

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