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When we say upgrade, we include the whole enchilada.  Not only will your shop have the latest PrestaShop admin features but more importantly a new shop tuned for 'best in class' visitor's experience.


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Get Fast Affordable Quote! The cost of an update depends on many factors including your current version of PrestaShop, your choice of a new theme and your option to preserve any custom modifications done to the existing store.

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1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7

We have a highly dedicated team of 10 Prestashop Experts with vast experience in all things PrestaShop.  Using our proven project process, we can have your project done in as little as ten business days.  You will have your project portal (Zoho), so you and your team can see exactly our process and can easily communicate with the entire team. 

PrestaChamps quote is for 'complete project' so you know exactly how this fits into your budget. 

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Why choose PrestaChamps?

  • Because you need the Successful upgrade right now.
  • Because you have Better things to do that supervise a novice team.
  • Because you need it Fast
  • Because you need it done Right
  • Because you need the Security of a trustworthy team
  • Because you want it Risk-Free
  • Because you need the Guarantee that it will work out well
  • Because you want The best – and you will not settle for mediocre

Our Infallible Methodology for Prestashop Upgrades

Only 5 steps away from your new amazing shop

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Your data is safe, and your store is running with no interruptions.

We create a duplicate of your shop on one of our test servers, ensuring that all data is saved. Products, client database, orders and statistics. This is done on our server in a view to saving space and memory on your servers. There's no point for you to upgrade your hosting services or pay more just for this one time occasion. We'll take care of it.
In the meantime, your shop is running, getting orders and subscriptions, generating profit with no interruptions. No live modifications are done, no live one click upgrade or such a thing will be done at this moment.

Successful Upgrade to the latest version of Prestashop

We enhance your site on the test server, making sure everything works as it should. Please note that you might need to upgrade your purchased 3rd party modules separately. The developers usually have the new version compatible with Prestashop 1.6, and it would involve just a download and install from your part. If that's a hassle for you, we'll do it.
The Prestashop Upgrade is done WITH NO DOWNTIME. Your website will be fully functional during the shop upgrade, theme installation and fixes that need to be done to maintain the structure of the site. You will not lose any order or client because of this upgrade, and all data will be imported to your Newly Upgraded online Shop.

Install your Awesome, New, Responsive theme.

You have the option to use your old design if there is a Prestashop 1.6 compatible version for it or take advantage of the new improvements in technology and design to get a new bootstrap theme. Prestashop 1.6 themes have some pretty awesome tools and widgets that you can take advantage of. Anyway, this will bring us to the next step, that lots of clients don't know and so called "upgrade service offerors" don't mention and don't care.

Fixing and matching your new template with the site.

The new theme might look impressive in the demos, but it's usually a disaster when you install it on a preexisting site, which had a different theme.
But no worries, we will fix it, so the structure of the site will remain the same, apart from the design, colour changes or whatever modifications are brought by the new theme.

You have an Upgraded shop.

After all adjusting and fixes are done, we thoroughly test the site. Then our testers will test the site. Then you will take a look at it and check the site again.
When we have your OK, and you're satisfied with the work done, we'll have the upgraded site live, WITH NO DOWNTIME whatsoever.( then test it again, thoroughly)


Have you been thinking it's time to upgrade your shop to the latest Prestashop version?

What stopped you to do it? Can't do it yourself and can't find a trustworthy company to do it for you?

That's all true. Going trough such a major improvement can be a hassle .... and the risks... the failure of the upgrade, losing data, losing everything you worked so hard for untll now... is it worth a try?

Yes, it is, because the benefits of having the new Prestashop version, having a new, fast, modern and responsive shop are far beyond anything you have now. Being one step ahead your competition and the possibilities to generate more and more income are worth it. You need to take a risk in order to move forward, to win

What if there were NO RISKS in performing the Prestashop Upgrade? Would you think twice about having it right now?

What stopped you to do it? Can't do it yourself and can't find a trustworthy company to do it for you?

Use your precious time to come up with new marketing plans that will increase your sales because when we are done, you'll have an amazing platform for all your products and services.

We take all the risks of failure and offer you the fully functional upgraded Webshop you desire. We created an infallible methodology for the upgrades, that will keep your website.

And the best part is: we don't fail because we put our reputation at stake and can't afford to lose it. Years of experience in working with Prestashop, dozens of modules created and hundreds of successful upgrades from all previous versions, gave us the know-how needed to offer you the best services on the market and the GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS.

We can't afford to add a failure to our portfolio that's why we will do everything necessary to get you the expected results...and more. Everybody likes pleasant surprises so besides rising to your expectations we always add a little something that will bring a smile on your face, also perhaps a bit more money in your pocket, save you some precious time and will delight your customers.

You either move ahead with the times or get left behind.

Get the modern store you always wanted.

Upgrade your shop Now!

What you will get from our team is: Peace of Mind.

Whatever problems occur, we can handle it for you. You only need to sit back and let us do the magic. Focus on improving other aspects of your shop, send your amazing newsletters, spend time analyzing your statistics, spend this extra time you will receive with family.

Your shop is safe and only a little time away from the new improved version. We work so fast you don't even have to worry about getting reports or wandering if things are moving forward or not.
You will get the final version ready for your approval within the week.

The methodology for the upgrades we described above will ensure your peace of mind.

Prestashop Version1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7

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Prestashop Upgrade 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7

Prestashop Upgrade 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7

When we say upgrade, we include the whole enchilada.  Not only will your shop have the latest PrestaShop admin features but more importantly a new shop tuned for 'best in class' visitor's experience.