PrestaShop Upgrade to 1.7

Update package for PrestaShop 1.6.x to the latest version

When we say Prestashop upgrade, we include the whole enchilada. Not only will your shop have the latest PrestaShop 1.7 admin and front-end features, but more importantly it will include all data's had before. We're the few who can Upgrade Prestashop version to the latest 1.7 Prestashop.


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Risk Free Prestashop 1.7 Upgrade

Have you had enough of People telling you that a shop can't be Upgraded to the latest 1.7 ? We certainly did, as we already Upgraded several 10's of Shop's to the latest Prestashop 1.7 version.

Take advantage of the Speed of the latest Prestashop 1.7 version as well of PHP7, and the new amazing Programming core Symphony.

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Who are the PrestaChamps

We are a skilled Programmer Team have team of 10 Prestashop Experts with over 7 years of experience in PrestaShop Development, Upgrade and Module Creation. We make over 200 Prestashop Upgrades/year, and we have such a proven process, that we can Upgrade any PS version to Prestashop 1.7 in not more than 5 Business Day. We use our MyPSTeam Ticketing System to offer you a full transparent overview of how the Prestashop Upgrade Process goes. We're so confident about our success that instead of a Quote we have a fixed price for the Upgrade.

Why should you Choose Us?

  • Because you need the Successful upgrade right now.
  • Because you have Better things to do that supervise a novice team.
  • Because you need it Fast
  • Because you need it done Right
  • Because you need the Security of a trustworthy team with excellent recommendations
  • Because you want it Risk-Free
  • Because you need the Guarantee that it will work out well, we have a 0 fail rate
  • Because you want The best – and you will not settle for mediocre. Actually Neither We.



Years of experience


Expert Trainers






Our Infallible Methodology for Prestashop Upgrades

Whenever an Upgrade is Required we use a simple 3 STEP RULE.

This is why the entire Prestashop Upgrade Process is conducted on a Development Version. This is created on one of Our Dedicated servers, which allows you and us easily work with Data's and retest all parts. There shouldn't be any disruption in regards to the live shop and orders during we Upgrade the development version. We even created a Unique way in order to import all new orders on the live shop - Whenever you want. We know that you need time to check and get used to the new Prestashop version, so our new order/customer Migration will be your piece of a mind solution.

What Will you Get!

Using the Latest Prestashop 1.7 Version comes with a lot of New Features. there are some which you shouldn't miss.

Screen image

New Backoffice Layout

The New Backoffice changed from a Vertical thinking to a Linear one. Instead of having a lot of vertical tabs, now you have all features Presented in a horizontal approach.


New Default Template

The New Prestashop 1.7 Default theme is far much better and faster than his Predecessors.The Presentation level starting from the products page to the checkout is better organized than before.


Modern Architecture

The new architecture is based on the Symfony Framework as well as the Twig template engine. New technologies such as Sass, Bootstrap 4, ES6 javascript compiled using Babel that is packed with webpack.js


5 step Checkout Process

A new more comprehensive checkout process which combines the one page with teh 5 step option


Better security

Better and cleaner code as well Much Better Security is one of the benefits offered by the NEW Prestashop 1.7 Version.


Child Theme

By allowing anyone to create a child theme, designers and developers will be able to modify a theme without worrying about their work being lost.

What our customer say

We handpicked some of the customer Reviews which are sent to us after an Upgrade is handled.

What you will get from our team is:
Peace of Mind.

Whatever problems occur, we can handle it for you. You only need to sit back and let us do the magic. Focus on improving other aspects of your shop, send your amazing newsletters, spend time analyzing your statistics, spend this extra time you will receive with family.


We Skyrocket your Shop

Upgrade to the latest version to be on TOP



We build up a complex design as well. Just let us know and we're able to offer you the best look and feel.


We recently Launched our first Prestashop APP. Now you can be inside the pocket of your visitors.



We offer full Marketing and SEO support in case that needed. Ask for a free Audit.



Customization is something that we do often. At the end that will differentiate your business from the competitor one.


Re-Painting You Store

After 800 Stores built, we got a pretty good taste what option a store should have. Let us do our Magic.

Upgrade you Prestashop to 1.7 with PRESTACHAMPS

We might help you to build it better way!

Together the Sky is the Limit

My champions

I read in several places that an upgrade to prestashop 1.7 could not be done. I contacted several companies hoping that they could help me but I only received refusals. I received an email from PrestaChamps about the upgrade so I contacted them. Now I have a site on the latest PrestaShop version and all the information on the old site has been transferred. Thank you guys, you have succeeded where others have failed.

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    PrestaShop Upgrade to 1.7

    PrestaShop Upgrade to 1.7

    When we say Prestashop upgrade, we include the whole enchilada. Not only will your shop have the latest PrestaShop 1.7 admin and front-end features, but more importantly it will include all data's had before. We're the few who can Upgrade Prestashop version to the latest 1.7 Prestashop.