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Professional Google Dynamic Remarketing Setup for Prestashop. Don't let your Bounced customers decrease your ROI. Start acting and regain all the lost sales with Re-marketing. 


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Google Dynamic Remarketing

Increase Sales and ROI by Retaining your Bounced Customers.


I'm pretty sure that most of you are familiar with the fact that most of the users visiting your site are bouncing back, and by most I'm talking about a ration between 40-75%. If your, bounce rate is lower you can consider yourself lucky, as there are a few sites which I meet where the bounce rate was as low as 25 %, also if you're Bounce rate is higher is than 75 % you should start thinking to change some things pretty soon, as you can easily go Bankrupt.

What's Remarketing? (Retargeting)

Google defines remarketing as a way to "show ads to people who have visited your website or use your mobile app before." Pretty much everyone but Google calls it retargeting--same thing, slightly different name.
4 Reasons Why you should start using Google Dynamic Remarketing Right Away!
There are more than that, but I'll try to emphasize what are the top 4 reason why I would tell you not to think about just to it, as you have nothing to lose, and I mean not even money.

After conducting several hundreds of Search Campaign as well Remarketing Campaign, I can easily sustain that in 99% of the cases the Average CPC measured for 90 days are way lower than for any other standard search Campaign.


Frankly, I believe that The Google dynamic Remarketing has one of the lowest cost per conversion. The level of targeting is almost surgical, you can target certain ages, people, a user who made pretty specific action on your site, even the ones who didn't :). In each case, the average CPConversion is lower than 50% in comparison with any other Google Advertising Campaign. I could easily state that the value of the CPR is equal or lower than Facebook's CTR.
Taking that into consideration, poorly the brand awareness is already worth creating a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign. The Value and Awareness gained in long Term are well worth the investment.

The Magic Behind Showing The same Product
Once Google Interconnected the Google Merchant Center Feed with Google Remarketing a new MArketing Tool has been born called “ DYNAMIC REMARKETING". Instead of just annoying your clients with the same ad over and over again you can tailor the ads almost down to a personal level and you can serve the same Products Services for the client which he as searching for before. The original problem of Google Remarketing was that you couldn't tailor your ads to a specific product which has been viewed by your customer. This meant that in the case of many advertisers who sell a huge variety of products to show a "Shoe Ad" to a TV Buyer. Guess how successful that was. I mean if the book was about Tv probably they sold some ;).
Dynamic Remarketing Re-Modeled the way how Remarketing works and made it super effective.

Strengthen your Brand and Awareness
This is one of the hidden benefits of Remarketing. By generating an Add you actually created an impression to your client indifferent if he bought the product or not. We can be sure the user saw your Brand and he was aware of our Presence. Nothing is more important than branding, that the only element on which nobody can compete with you.
There are so many other reasons why you should start using Google Dynamic Remarketing At once, Google Smart Goals, Low Monthly Budget, Images are meant to replace 1000 words and these are just a few which I would mention.
Start using Google Dynamic Remarketing today, and LET us setup your first successful campaign. We've done this for hundreds of Companies and there is not a single one which wouldn't have generated the expected Awareness or Income. Don't wait to be ahead of your competitors.

Prestashop Version 1.6.x, 1.7, 1.7.x
Languages English
Core changes No
Database Changes No
Multishop Compliant Yes

Fast and accurate work.

I really enjoyed working with you, your advice helped me a lot and the clients started to re-appear on my site.

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Google Dynamic Remarketing Setup

Google Dynamic Remarketing Setup

Professional Google Dynamic Remarketing Setup for Prestashop. Don't let your Bounced customers decrease your ROI. Start acting and regain all the lost sales with Re-marketing.