Google Page Speed Optimization for PrestaShop Websites

Is your website too slow? A PrestaShop store should load in less than 3 seconds if hosted on a properly configured server.

Our Page Speed Optimization Service will prevent you from losing clients due to a slow loading site and will significantly reduce the time they spend starting from the moment they access your store until they pay for the products.


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Loading Time has a massive effect on your Bottom Line. Our Page Speed Optimization Service will help you increase your conversion rate as well as your rankings because Google rewards good user experience.

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We have Science on our side

A lot of research has been dedicated to the behaviour of online shoppers. Many of the finds reveal exactly how important page speed is to any online business.

If it takes more than a second for the page to start loading, the visitor will get the impression that nothing is happening in the background and if there are no signs of "life" they will lose patience and leave.


The 3-second rule

57% of online consumers will abandon a site after waiting just 3 seconds for a page to load.


Bad experience that sticks

80% of those who abandon because of a slow loading page will never return to that store.


Word of Mouth

Half of the customers you lost will also share their experience with others. In an age of social media, this can do lasting harm to your business.


What about the rest?

Indeed there are 43% of visitors who stay after 3 seconds, but as they wait 4, 5 or more for pages to load, the number of abandons increases dramatically.

Improve your website's performance now!

Offer your clients an excellent shop experience while respecting their time.

What's included?


Image Optimization

Unoptimized images can lead to a significant slowdown. We will make sure that they are appropriately sized to reduce load speed.


Eliminate Render Blocking CSS and JS

Render Blocking resources will be removed or deferred to avoid interference with above-the-fold loading


Minify JavaScript

Compacting JavaScript can save many bytes of data, and this will inevitably speed up execution time.


Above the fold prioritisation

The No. 1 priority is the quick and correct loading of the above-the-fold content.


Enable Compression

It will reduce the time it takes to download resources as well as the clients' data usage.


Checking redirects

We will check all redirects which appear on or between the pages and remove the ones which are not needed.


Minify CSS

The file size will be reduced while maintaining the same functionality, saving precious bytes of data.


Minify HTML

The HTML size is reduced while maintaining the same functionality, speeding up the website

What's not part of it is the server response time as this is not something we can influence directly. If you need to move to a better hosting provider and worry about the server transfer, we have you covered:

Choose a team of Presta Champs to give your website a Speed Boost!


What should you do if you have a slow loading website?

Your website needs speed optimisation. The first thing you need to do is to view your online store from a visitor's and potential client's perspective looking to get information about and finally purchasing products.
How much patience would you have while waiting for the page to load before going to a competitor website offering similar products?

Most page speed measuring tools offer standard advice and suggestions which can be applied to the tested sites. These are sometimes visible like in the case of image optimisation. The instructions are very clear when it comes to the correct formatting and compression of images which reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred and can shave a few milliseconds off the total load time.

But when it comes to optimising the JavaScript and CSS resources which delay or block content above the fold, you need a team of professionals.
Years of experience in tuning PrestaShop online stores have given us the know-how to which allows us to reduce load times under 3 seconds for all the projects we handled. When hosted on high-performance servers set up using our recommendations and guidelines, the load speed is under 2 seconds.

Curious about the health of your website?

Find out everything that's right and wrong about your site!

Compared to other services where after being audited and paying a hefty sum you are only provided with a list of suggestions / recommendations and forced to hire help to make the modifications according to those guidelines, we will actually intervene technically. After purchasing the service, we require access to your PrestaShop Backoffice as well as FTP access to your files and we will make sure that no effort is spared when it comes to increasing the speed of your website.

Some of the biggest culprits are the images on a website. A full-width layered slider looks good and may drive some sales but if it's 4 MB large, the effect it has on the load time will increase the bounce rate and negate all the profit. We will make sure that all the images are optimized (sliders, banners, product pages, even the smallest icons) and on average this process decreases the actual size of the site (in MB) by up to 50%. We use dedicated tools to ensure that image quality remains the same even if the size is reduced significantly so there is no need to worry that this will negatively affect your front-end.

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Having worked in PrestaShop since the earliest versions, we are very familiar with all the standard modules and a large portion of the most popular and useful modules available on the Addons Marketplace. This experience allows us to quickly identify the modules which cause a drain on resources and we'll be able to quickly apply modifications to optimize them. We're sure you're familiar with the apparently harmless “Related Products" module. What you may not know is that even if only a few products are shown in that block, in the background, the entire category is parsed and loaded. This process is very resource intensive and has a visible effect on load speed (especially if you have a big product catalog with hundreds of product sharing the same category). We found a way to limit the number of requests and applying it is standard procedure with every PrestaShop page speed optimization service.

This is just an example but there are several other modules which suffer from this same issue (New Products, Best Sellers, Featured Products, etc... you probably have them all active in your store but never paid much attention to how much they can influence page speed). And when it comes to commercially available modules, the list grows even larger. But rest assured, if we don't already have a solution for your module, we will find one and we will make sure that they will not affect your site's speed negatively.


Another important factor is your host server's performance

We can only do so much before we run into one of the biggest issues: server response time. The good news is that over the years we accumulated a portfolio of projects from all over the world so if worse comes to worst, we are more than happy to recommend switching to a new host which is proven to offer excellent services and performance for PrestaShop stored.

Just in case you were wondering, we are not affiliated with any hosting company and aren't getting money off them so any advice we offer in this regard is only to ensure that your site runs to its full potential and our improvements are not bottlenecked by a bad server.

There are several browser extensions which will count the actual time it takes for your page to load and these are an invaluable tool to have a “snapshot" of the site in your current state and then compare it to the result when we complete the optimization service. If you are reading this, you are probably aware of low speed issues on your site and want to fix them. If it takes 10 seconds to load it's critical and you're losing sales but even if it's only 5 seconds, this should also worry you as this increases your bounce rate significantly. Our goal is to reduce the load speed under 2 seconds. Our own site is a great example of this as most pages load in under 1 second. Refresh (F5) to see what we're talking about (although please note that our servers are located in Europe so if you're reading this from the Americas, Asia, Australia or South Africa, distance affects load speed).

Besides the actual count of seconds it takes for a page to load, there are other resources to test the speed of your site, most important and useful being Google's Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix. Most websites we have worked on had low or average marks on the different tests (from 10 to 60 out of 100) indicating serious page speed issues which needed to be optimized. Without fail, we have managed to increase these ranks from around 85 and up to the high 90s for the desktop version. And in case you were wondering, has a rating of 98-99 out of 100 so a perfect score is more of an ideal than an actually achievable goal. There's a much easier way to interpret all the stats and that is color coding which is provided by these tests. In short, Red and Orange are bad, Yellow needs improvements and Green is good. Whether you site is red, orange or yellow, the goal of our service is to make it green.

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Page speed optimization has a huge effect on improving the customer experience and consequently increasing sales. Competition is fierce out there and this service (for which the price reflects the average number of man-hours needed for successful completion) is very well worth the investment.

I want to optimize my site
Prestashop Version 1.6.x, 1.7
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Core changes Yes
Database Changes Yes
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Thanks guys

Our site was getting worse. Traffic has diminished tremendously because of low speed. I contacted the team at PrestaChamps and they explained to me why they recommend Page Speed Optimization. I am very pleased with the results and clients have started to re-appear on my site.


Great service!

We contacted the team as load times were becoming a serious issue affecting our customers and we started losing business because the whole site was so sluggish.
Now every page is up in 2, max 3 seconds and we're winning back our customers and sales.


Massive Speed boost

Got my homepage loading in under 2 seconds while keeping the same theme we worked so hard to customize!

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Google Page Speed Optimization for PrestaShop Websites

Google Page Speed Optimization for PrestaShop Websites

Is your website too slow? A PrestaShop store should load in less than 3 seconds if hosted on a properly configured server.

Our Page Speed Optimization Service will prevent you from losing clients due to a slow loading site and will significantly reduce the time they spend starting from the moment they access your store until they pay for the products.