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While even out of the box PrestaShop offers an excellent solution for e-commerce companies of any sizes, not every business is the same and specific needs require fine-tuning and extensions to the base shopping cart functionality to offer the best possible customer experience and increase revenues.

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Our team started coming together more than 15 years ago with a focus on SEO and web development. Throughout the years we have worked with several platforms, but we have always remained on the cutting-edge of Search Engine Optimisation and the experience accumulated as well as the adaptability to the changes mandated by Google and other search engines have placed up in the best position to provide SEO solutions for your PrestaShop online store.

Our SEO modules have been designed specifically for PrestaShop while also adhering to best practices recommended by Google and other search engines. The primary goal is to use everything offered by PrestaShop to the fullest extent and ensure that valuable data on your store is not obscured and instead will end up highly ranked among search results. For example, the Google Image Sitemap module significantly expands the number of images which are indexed. By default, PrestaShop only lists the first product image in the sitemap, but our module will ensure that all the images are listed. Furthermore, you have control over the dimensions (for Image search, bigger is always better) and you can also quickly generate titles for your images based on product name, category and even features. This is just an example of how deep knowledge of the way PrestaShop works along with SEO expertise can be combined to form a first module which can quickly boost rankings for your products.

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Another great focus for our team is Mobile. At the moment we are writing this, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop, and there are no signs of slowing. Recognising the significance of these stats and to provide mobile users with the best possible experience, Google spearheaded the AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This was a true paradigm shift as it changes the way mobile pages work. If you ever accessed an AMP page from a mobile device and saw it load instantly, you will find it difficult to return to standard mobile versions of the same page. Knowing how important this change is and how long lasting the effect will be, our team prioritised development in this direction and was able to release the first AMP module for Prestashop. While some businesses chose to start building AMP versions for their sites from scratch, our module will use the information in your store and automatically create your AMP pages for your products. You are guaranteed to see the mobile usage of your store increase once you activate our module and will also generate more profit from mobile users.

The third “pillar” at the base of our company is Marketing. As it's a field dear to us and since it's a perfect fit for online stores, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we are developing PrestaShop modules with the purpose of increasing awareness of your brand and getting more customers to buy from you. Our Marketing modules for PrestaShop include the Ultimate Pop-up module which contains everything from a fully customizable newsletter sign-up pop-up (linked to PrestaShop's native newsletter module) to pop-ups with countdowns, images and even videos.


Of primary importance to any online business is our Google Tag Manager module with Enhanced Ecommerce which is by far the best tool to track every sale, every cent and every customer who comes to your store. This is incredibly valuable information with which you can adapt your business to what your clients want. At the same time, it will offer precise information regarding the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and help you notice immediately if something is not all right, saving a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on ineffective ad campaigns.

Last but by no means less important is the programming and developing part of our work. Experience and talent have enabled our team to create modules which increase performance, provide extra security for both the front and back-end and also simplify the shop admin's work. We are always working on improvements in regards to the functionality and ordering process and the modules born from this process will add great value to any store.

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