Preparations for Black Friday

Black Friday
  • Oct 19, 2018


Black friday sale

We can consider this event as a celebration of online stores. With good preparation, you can make sales to cover your costs throughout the year. Do not miss this great event which can grow your customer circle and traffic on the site.

In the past, people used to spend hours in front of the shops to take advantage of the discounts of the year. Lately, we’ve witnessed a tendency to bring these sales online, it’s really worth taking this event seriously, because it can bring you benefits that you can enjoy all year round.

Black Friday sales must be prepared early. If you leave everything at the last moment, there is a good chance that your expectations will not be realized or even worse, everything can ends in a failure.

Why do we tell you that you have to prepare your store early?

The reason is simple, customers search for information even at these times. Let’s say for example that the customer is looking for a TV. He looks at all sites where he can buy one. Wherever he is looking, he sees the same prices, but there’s a commercial on your site which shows that on Black Friday you offer a 30% discount. Surely the customer will wait for Black Friday and stop searching anywhere.

Stock strategy
  • Plan and organize your sales.
    Choose the products you want to promote in, set the start date and the price of the products for discounts. In this case, when Black Friday promotions starts, you can deal other problems.
  • Create emergency plans.
    It’s always good to have a Backup, if something goes wrong and the site fall down, at 4 o’clock in the morning you can not wake up developers for a quick fix, but you can use your Backup to restore the site.
  • Make sure your site can manage traffic growth.
    Too many simultaneous requests to your site can slow it down and in the worst case it can make it crash. It would be a good idea to make sure your server can manage a traffic increase.

On Black Friday, everything goes much faster than usual. Try to optimize your site to keep up with this chaos that will be formed on this day. Clients become anxious, they do not spend much time waiting for a site to load. The procedure must be fast. With the help of the following modules and services, you can handle the chaos.

  • Speed optimization
    As mentioned above, running your site in optimal parameters during this period may be vital. Even a single second can count a lot for the customers. Try to provide a quick site with which all purchases can be completed in the shortest possible time.
  • Mobile optimization
    Last year, mobile traffic grew enormously on Black Friday. We obviously expect this trend to grow even more this year, it is worth making your website work well on the mobile.
  • One page checkout
    Give customers a quick and easy checkout with a One Page Checkout. This module simplifies and speeds up the order completion process, which results in the decrease of abandoned cart. Customers will be very pleased with your site and the chances that they will return, will increase significantly.

If your site has been set up in terms of speed, you’ll be setting up your marketing plan. At this time, people are more receptive, your customers can pay more attention to ads, and in this case, marketing can play an important role in the success of your Black Friday sales. Start planning your ads.

How to attract even more customers?

Banner Black Friday

Create banner images to promote sales.

One of the best ways to promote sales is to create a banner with a superb view and add it to the site header.

Build suspense around your products.

It’s very easy to announce a Black Friday sale, but building suspense can really help to be a great success. Start staring your customers’ curiosity through emails about what’s coming.

Start E-mail Marketing Campaigns!

E-mail marketing begins to play an important role in online sales. Every online store owner must consider this way to reach as many customers as possible.

Rewards loyal customers.

This is the best time to build relationships with your customers. Send emails to prior customers with the best deals, you can give them the opportunity to get the best deals before the start of the Black Friday madness. This way you can transform users into paying customers throughout the year.

Customer tracking is important throughout the year, but it is even needed in this period. From the results you can easily find out what was wrong and what was good in your campaign. Of course, you have another chances to save your sales, you have nothing else to do just setting up a Remarketing or Dynanmic remarketing campaign. In this case, increase the chances that the customers who have visited your site but haven’t completed a purchase, to return and do it .

  • Google Tag Manager Advanced
    Our team is at your disposal to implement the most comprehensive Google Tag Manager module that will help you track your customers and their work on your site. Do not miss any customer who visited the site. From the information provided by our module you will find out if the campaign has been successful or not.
  • Dynamic Remarketing
    Starting a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign can increase the traffic on your site, by bringing your site back to the customer’s attention. Google will display ads for the visitor who left the store on all other sites like: Youtube, Ebay, Amazon, ect. and displays exactly the product that was watched by that customer. Black Friday Day is a huge chance for online store owners to increase traffic and revenue. But to accomplish it, you need to start preparations in advance. If you prepare your site and sales from all points of view there will be no unpleasant surprises. If you feel that your site needs to be improved, our team will be at your disposal.

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