One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop

One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop
  • Oct 12, 2017

In this post, we’ll talk about a very useful way that can solve one of the biggest problems that online sales have. With a 5-step Checkout, you can see that few visitors get to buy from your store. This undermines the overall performance of your site.

By creating the One page checkout module, simplification of the sales process has been achieved. After you implement it, your customers will be able to complete their purchases on one page, avoiding long and heavy forms. From now on, making a purchase will become a simple and friendly process for your customers. On a single page, shipping costs will appear and a summaries of the basket in which the amount can be changed.

One Page Checkout site

Abandoned shopping carts are a big problem in electronic commerce, some companies report that more than half of commenced orders end up without a purchase. You must do everything to reduce those abandoned baskets as much as possible and significantly improve your earnings and profits. Often, the VAT and shipping costs displayed only at the end of the order are the main reasons for abandoning the shopping cart, but it is also often the case that a buying process is interrupted due to the too long checkout steps. With the One page checkout module, the completion of the order is quicker and easier, it was created to generate more sales. The module is compatible with mobile resolutions, so your users will also have a good shopping experience on the phone.

Can not you decide on the checkout process, if it’s all on one of its pages? Consider the analogy of a supermarket. When shopping, always look for the quickest or fastest cashier to finish the purchase process as quickly as possible. So we can safely say that a single checkout page is faster and more efficient from the point of view of customers.

Benefits of the module

  • Fast order
    In terms of speed, single page forms are much faster. Even if the number of fields in the form are the same between one checkout checkout and 5 checkout payments, the first one can be completed faster because the client does not have to wait for the page to be updated between each step.
  • Encourage visitors to complete their purchases
    With one page verification, customers can see exactly how far they are along checkout. The page will show the products that have been added in the cart and the final shipping and shipping costs.
  • Order finalization
    Checkout form easily customizable
    If you have a checkout in 4-5 steps, you must reduce the form fields so that everything looks good and not be crowded on a single page. So you have to reduce the fields so that you get the necessary information and the page looks good too. An advantage in the One page checkout module is that there is no navigation because all elements are displayed on a single page. All fields are on the same page so customers do not have to return to previous steps if they want to correct something. At multiple-page checkout, the disadvantage is the time lost by a visitor who can abandon the purchase process before completing the acquisition.

What our team can do for you?

If you are not well versed in implementing the modules on the site, we can help you. After implementing hundreds of One Checkout Sites on sites, we can declare experts in this area. You just have to buy it, we configure it according to your preferences.

We can set this module so that it is compatible with online card payments such as Euplatesc, Payu or PlatiOnline that many clients have started use them.

We can also add to the base module the fields where your client can choose whether he / she is a natural or legal person. This is great for you, you can easily separate businesses from individuals.

This module from a financial point of view is advantageous. The module does not have a very high price and its implementation will not cost a fortune, instead the benefits it brings can significantly increase your profits.

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