Prepare your site for mobile first indexing

Prepare your site for mobile first indexing
  • Mar 3, 2020

Google makes permanent efforts to make the web more environmentally friendly and to reflect the trends of user behavior, for this reason, it is trying to introduce the mobile first indexing.

What is mobile indexing?

Mobile Friendly website

Mobile indexing means that the mobile version of your site becomes the starting point for Google when it comes to ranking in search engines, a process by which Google arranges and displays all web pages on the internet for search engines. At these times the main version is the desktop version, but Google wants the starting point to be the mobile version. This preference is called Mobil First Indexing.

If a site does not have a mobile version, the desktop site will be included in the index. But its lack could have a negative impact on the ranking of the site, and a site with a better mobile experience could get a better ranking even for desktop users.

This change will be a fundamental reversal of how Google recognizes the content of the site. The main view of the desktop version was SEO priority, and marketing experts treated it as the most comprehensive version of a website with full content, while the mobile version of many experts was ignored. We recommend changing the attitude towards the mobile version of the site.

After the last statistics of Google, the dominant search engine became the mobile phone.

Mobile users continue to exceed the number of desktop users, which is why Google is trying to stimulate website owners to optimize both desktop and mobile versions. This approach to mobile indexing will be used in the near future, and we recommend that you prepare for this change in time.

Google will use the desktop version to determine the rankings in the search engines.

If you do not have a mobile version of your site and your desktop version is not mobile-friendly, your content can be indexed further, however, you may not be in the ranking and compared to websites mobile-friendly. This can have a negative impact on your global rankings both on desktop search and on mobile search results, as it will be perceived as having less experience than other users.

  • Create AMP Pages:
    Accelerated Mobile Pages offers you to have simplified versions of CSS. This way focuses on the speed of mobile pages. Fast page loading will give you the chance to get a better place in search engine results. More information about AMP!
  • Make the page faster:
    Google’s mobile page speed standard is less than a second, of course, this is what is called the “gold standard” of page load speed. 3 seconds is the accepted standard for loading a page. If a site loads very slowly, the user will leave it.

Mobile indexing is an ongoing project to be implemented in the near future. These statements made by Google must be taken seriously. If you leave the preparations for the last-minute , you will definitely lose precious places in search engine ranking in front of sites already prepared for this change.

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