Keep your customers close with Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing for e-Commerce
  • Sept 13, 2017

In today’s article, you will learn more about Dynamic remarketing and its impact on your business.

Tracking customer needs can help companies to identify new trends and to adapt faster to these, this may mean higher profits than other companies that are slower to adjust.

Dynamic remarketing process

The tracking is the process which helps you, to find out more about your customers and their activity on the site. It’s important to undestand why we need to implement it on the site. Customer tracking lets you find important things about them, for example:

  • How many people visited your site.
  • By which keywords they got there
  • How often do customers come back
  • Which pages are viewed
Dynamic remarketing

With remarketing, you can show ads or publicity to the people who have visited your site in the past. Dynamic remarketing is an extension of these and helps you do even more, you can show visitors an ad that contains exactly that product on who have consulted it on your site, is a very useful thing because you encourage users to return to the site finish an acquisition. At present people spend most of their time online, on different sites and expect a more personalized experience. This is why dynamic remarketing has been created. It does not provide generic content but allows you to provide personalized ads to customers and this will help you create a stronger customer relationship.

In general, users do not buy on their first visit to the site . I think that it has often happened with you to enter in a store and the seller asked you: “What can I do for you?” – And you answered: Thank you, I only look. That’s exactly what happens to a lot of customers who come to your site. The first time they come just to look around and it’s a big chance to going away without buying anything. This is where dynamic remarketing occurs because it will create ads that contain exactly the products which was visited by the customer, and he or she will remember the product that visited the site and significantly increase the chances of returning to purchase that product. Many customers, before buying anything, visit 3-4 sites with similar products. With Dynamic Remarketing, you will increase the chances of them returning to your site.

How does it work?

The process is very simple. Once a user accesses your site, Google will track it with a tag remarketing through Analytics and Tag Manager to “record” the viewed products and actions on the site. The user is then targeted with dynamic ads, displaying the relevant products and prices he has seen recently.

Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads can be created in 4 steps:

  • Sign in to Google Merchant Center and Adwords.
  • A Google Dynamic Remarketing campaign must be created.
  • Install the Remarketing Pixel for Google Dynamic.
  • Create ads and design for the most popular products.

Or, simply contact a team of experts to make the setup. offers these services to ease your work and increase your profitability.

Our conclusion is that implementing Dynamic Remarketing on the site can bring a significant increase in the number of customers that attract after it and increase profits. Do not hesitate to bring your business to another level.

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