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  • Sept 18, 2017

Writing good and original content should be a priority for all sites, this can take a long time, but worth it.

Many people try to get rid of this responsibility and copy product descriptions from other sites, creating duplicate content. (Here you can read more about duplicate content). Other people do not use copy, but they still do not want to lose a lot of time by creating good content, so they write something in hurry and they are happy. But poorly accomplished content will not lead you anywhere. Now you have to decide which category of people you are entering. Copy content from the internet and creating duplicate content, create poor content or choose the best way and create great and original content

Quality and Governance

If you want to increase your SEO ranking, win traffic and satisfied customers, you need to create excellent content for your products. If you write original content, Google will reward you, search engines will help your site get a better place. First, you need to define the buyer. If you know the habits of your clients, it will be easier to persuade them to purchase the products from you . The clear definition of the buyer can give you the information you need to turn product-centered descriptions into client-centered descriptions.

If you’ve defined your customers, start listing all the features of the products, then convert them into benefits. A feature is a fact about your product, while a benefit is an explanation of what it does for the customer. A benefit can be expressed as positive (for example, improves productivity) or as a problem that is avoided or reduced (for example, stress decreases). Define your voice tone. Voice tone can differentiate you from your competitors. You should be as direct as possible, let your personality shine through content. At the same time, you can add a shadow of humor.

Your content stucture must be easy to folow. To attract customers to buy the product, you have to get them to read their descriptions. These descriptions must be easy to read, the subtitles must be highlighted as the key points in the description. It is recommended to use a larger font to improve visibility. If you have the necessary information about your clients and have planned the content, creating a description becomes a play for children.

Make sure your description is comprehensive and compelling, keeping all the benefits of the product. Try to express yourself in simple words, if the client does not understand something, there is a good chance of looking elsewhere for that product. You can use specific details because the specificity can increase credibility. Always write first for readers and optimize them later for search engines. This is very important because thinking too much about search engines can turn your content into a boring one. By using too many keywords, you can lose the essence of the content and the customer will not be so impressed.

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