Avoid Modules That Reduce Speed On Your Website

Avoid Modules That Reduce Speed On Your Website
  • Aug 24, 2017


In this post, we will highlight a very widespread issue that PrestaShop store owners are facing: modules which affect the speed and performance of your site.

Several modules have been created to compensate the shortcomings in standard PrestaShop, but many of these can affect the performance and security of the site. Badly created modules can affect the stability, performance and security of your web shop. If you want to buy a module you have to be careful, before downloading and installing you must collect a lot of information about it.

If you find negative reviews, you should be cautious.

If you have suspicions about a particular module, there is certainly another module with the same functionality that has a better reputation.


There are a few tools that will help you test the site’s overall speed and identify performance issues first. This is very important because you will know exactly what problems you will face before you call the programmer’s team.

  • Page Speed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, and then generates suggestions to improve its speed.
  • GTmetrix gives you insight into the level of load on your site and provides recommendations that can be required to optimize it.
  • With Pingdom you can monitor the performance and interactions of your website for a better user experience.

We recommend deleting all the modules you do not use, not enough to disable them! Below we will discuss some modules that may affect the site’s performance most frequently.

Image manipulation modules or mass image edit

It’s certainly easier to resize multiple images with a module. But this can lead to a general slowdown in the site. When using such a module, you must be aware of the original size of the images, you should use a local computer to resize the images to an appropriate size before uploading them to the server. Modules that make a single image optimization when loaded for the first time generally do not cause problems.

In most cases, these duplication issues are not intentionally created by the site owners, but that does not mean they are not to blame for creating these problems. The parameters and order in which they appear in the URL can cause duplicate content issues, as are session IDs. One solution is, when possible, not to add URL parameters or alternative versions of URLs (the information they contain can usually be transmitted through scripts).

Related products or similar posts modules

Online stores have the ability to offer suggestions to customers, based on the products they have viewed or viewed at the moment. The module can generally use one of two methods to provide this functionality. The first method is the most appropriate, the products are stored in a copy and this saved copy will help to generate the content of the page more quickly. The second method is less preferred, it offers a new customized list of associated products each time a page is loaded. It’s important to choose the first of these methods because the second one can have a significant impact on your site’s performance.

Audit or customer interaction tracking modules

Google page speed optimization optimizare viteza site

These modules help you record every activity that happens on a site in the database and if a problem occurs, you can find out about it very easily. Unfortunately, excessive logging can generate huge tables in the database that makes the site and server become much slower, and in order to identify a problem, you must find the relevant data between all the irrelevant data in the logs. Processing these data can be a very intense task for the server. As long as you can try to keep the amount of data recorded to a minimum and make sure the old data of the journal is cleaned after a few days.

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